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Thinking of merging or closing ?
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Are you a brokerage firm considering closing or merging with another location? Or, if you are a small broker with less than 6 agents and currently hold your license to conduct only your own business, it may make little financial sense to have full broker operations costs - no matter how small. We would be delighted to have you and your team of agents (for whom you would receive an agreed upon profit sharing plan, including any future agents you hire at any of our office locations!) join our company. Why pay all the unnecessary overhead costs when we can offer you same if not better splits with less stress! Consider what you are currently required to do as an office and the money you’re spending on:


·         Fax, internet & main office phone lines

·         Office required MLS & Association membership fees (not just personal)

·         Time spent scheduling showing appointments and answering agent questions even on weekends & holidays

·         Book keeping requirements as accounting,P&L, escrow and checking account maintenance

·         Insurance costs (errors and omissions, workman’s Comp, umbrella and other liability)

·         Constant threat of State compliance audits and public liability, including reporting compliance requirements

·         Supply costs (stationary, general office supplies from paper to ink and marketing related)

·         Marketing costs to promote your business, including website fees, listing promotions

·         The stress of working 24/7 and managing agents even when you go away on vacation


For generous commission splits, you would actually be financially ahead! We understand you have worked hard to be on your own, but please keep us in mind should your circumstances change. If you would like to schedule a private meeting, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.